The last stage in the buyers decision-making process – Bottom of the Funnel.

You are shortlisted vendor. You have got the RFP in your hand. You are making the proposal right now. You have been able to strengthen your position in the minds of the buyer. You have a good chance of winning the deal and are in the last few stages of the sales process.  What should you be doing in this stage??

After convincing the prospect all along, what you have to do here is convince the prospect on “Why they should choose you among the other shortlisted vendors”.

It goes without saying that you have done a great job till this time to get to this stage but you have to understand that the other shortlisted vendors have also done something similar, one or two of your competitors may have done this even better than you have done so far.

After you have scientifically applied all the techniques in understanding the pain points, qualifying, giving good solutions, presenting the options to multiple buyers, sniffing out the competition, the prospect has formally asked for a proposal on how you would solve the problem and at what cost and time.

You have to focus on the fitment with the goals of the prospects that are in your favour and also have to focus on the perspectives / preferences of the prospects that stand in between you and the deal.

You have to document all of those as part of your sales pitch and present the possible solutions in form of a presentation or summarize the final solution in form of a proposal.

The prospect is also a bit scared at this point of time. Till now, they have been talking and ideating with you on their issues and the potential solution. This is the time when they have to take the plunge in asking someone to open their wallet and pay from their budget. This is the time when they will focus a bit more on you , your solution and your company because the fear of what will happen to them if you fail will strike them hard.

Some over ambitious colleague in the team may propose that they do the solution in-house or some over cautious colleague may even advice the stakeholder on not doing anything as such initiatives have not worked within the company well and the stakeholder may put this initiative on hold.

This module will focus on the activities that will fall in the bottom of the sales funnel outlining the best practices that need to be followed and the Do’s and Don’t’s so that you maximize the closures at this stage.

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