No leads… mean No Sales – Prospecting should be an integral part of a sales persons day. This module will talk about the various aspects of prospecting, which is connecting the sales person with the potential buyers who are not aware of the products or services and educating them on how the sales person can be useful to them. The targeted number of prospects that need to be generated should be in reference to the sales activity planning done earlier. Additionally, a list of all possible channels should be used for prospecting.

The channels that can be used effectively for prospecting are as follows

Cold email
Cold call Webinars
Networking Getting published
Existing customers

Customer referrals

Prospecting is the first step in the selling process. We would need to constantly prospect and uncover new potential buyers so that there is a full pipeline on a consistent basis. Constant prospecting helps the sales person in spreading their risks multiple potential buyers so that it helps the sales person in hitting the numbers even in the case of many of the prospects losing interest in the purchase over time.

The full top of the funnel leads helps the sales person to spend adequate time in sorting and identifying the ones that are more likely to buy and spend their time selling to those hot prospective ones. Prospecting also helps in getting new customers on a consistent basis and not depend, only on a few of the existing customers to keep giving additional business.

The module will talk about the various channels and will help the sales person come up with a prospecting strategy. The module will demystify the myth behind the various prospecting techniques and will help the sales person come up with a prospecting strategy

There are a few Dos and Don’ts of Prospecting

This is the longest and the toughest part of the sales cycle. People are not aware of you and will say no at the first touch point. Never give up because after segmenting your lead list to build your ideal prospect profile, you will have only a handful of the right set of prospects you can go after.

This is not selling, so keep It at a high level and only say things that will attract prospects. Ask a few qualifying questions to determine if they are worth your time and add them into the sales funnel for nurturing and taking them to closure

Communication skills

Value Proposition

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