Let us look at why we should understand the buyer’s needs

When there is no issue, there is no solution. When there is no pain, there is no gain.

Unless you take the effort to understand what the pain points are – why your buyers are looking to buy some product or service you are selling – it will be difficult for you to be in an advantageous position in the buyers mind when they would take the decision to buy.

How do you understand your buyers needs?

No one can read minds. The written document that manifests the prospects requirements (RFPs) may not accurately represent the pain points. So, understanding the buyer and to make them open up and confess what their pain points are or what they are trying to achieve and do better in the days or months to come by is important. For that purpose, it is important that you talk less and listen more.

The question to ask cannot be “What are your pain points?” as your buyer may not even know their pain points. It is safe to assume that, they would have attempted to solve the pain if they had known it exists or you might be a bit late in the RFP process where your competitor might have been given the first choice of rejection which is not a good situation for you to be in.

Have a set of business process related questions, which you can ask your buyer that will make them open up and tell you what issues they are facing and what they would want to achieve.

If you know what they want to achieve, you can either begin talking about how you can help them and hence can strengthen your position or you can disqualify the buyer if there is no fit and can spend time with someone else who is more likely to buy.

In a nutshell, Be a Consultant and not a Vendor. Do not repond to what your buyers say that they want and begin give solutions. Instead, keep asking why they would want it and make them visualize … uncover the real needs and then give them the right solutions. You can also suggest better alternatives and help them see a goal that they have not seen in the past or give them a new way to perform their activities better.

When you would understand the buyer’s needs and the buyers get confident that you can do the job, they look at you as an industry specialist and will rate you much higher than your biggest competitors or their favorite vendors. They begin equating your price with value and not necessarily on the size of your company.

This small step done well in the sales process will help you close many more deals, as you will stand out unique in the buyers mind.

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