Key Account Management Training

Key Account Management Training


Every organisation has a few key accounts they scale constantly and become a larger organization. It is known that it is easier to sell into an existing customer than selling into a new account. Identification of these accounts and implementing the right strategy is key to make these accounts bigger..

In many situations, the account managers may not necessarily be sales people  and succeed with their technology or domain skills. With a little bit of selling skills inculcated in them, they can turn into high power performers as this training will take away all their inhibitions on selling.

Who should attend?

Account Managers and also aspiring sales people who are keen on getting into Account Management in the future.

Key Account Management Training Agenda

  • Overview
    • What is a Key Account
    • How to identify and shortlist a Key Account
      • How to shortlist Key Accounts
      • How to determine Key Accounts attractiveness
      • What are the stages of relationship in a Key Account
  • Develop a Key Account plan
    • Determine KAM Goals and Drivers
    • Accounts Industry analysis
    • Determine the activities that will take you to the goals
    • How to form the team that will help you reach that goals
    • Establishing a Capability – Product/Service fit
  • Buyer Mapping
    • Identifying key influencers
    • Determine their buyer persona
    • How to network within the account
    • What are their individual goals and drivers
    • What is the buying process
  • Reaching out to the buyers
    • Linkedin (Social Sellling)
      • Tricks and Hacks
      • Changing social profile to suit the accounts
    • Email Marketing 
      • List Building
      • Finding email ids
      • Multiple email templates for various situations
    • Cold Calling
      • What is Cold Calling and what it is not
      • Tips and Techniquest to cold call and be efficient in building top of the funnel
    • Content Creation 
      • Creating and Providing the right type of content to the buyers
    •  References
      • Art of asking references
  • Needs Analysis and Qualifying Opportunities
    • Identifying the problem and suggesting high level solutions
    • Difference between Wants and Needs
    • Questioning skills to ferret out the right needs
    • Mapping Buyers pain point to your solutions
    • Match Making skills
    • Qualifying skills to prioritize efforts and close deals fast 
  • Presentation and Proposal Skills
    • Components of a good presentation
    • How to present your offerings within a short time
    • How to create a need if the buyer does not have one
    • Proposal Writing skills
  • Objection Handling/ Negotiation and Closing techniques
    • Discussion of Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel objection handling and closing techniques
  • Metrics and Key Account Management
    • Sales effectiveness metrics
  • Graduating from being a vendor to being a trusted partner

The takeaway from this training will help the Account Managers turn into good Sales people equipped with the right skills and the right attitude which will help them perform their functions well.

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