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Website Development Services on WordPress

WordPress websites There are more than 20% of all the websites that are hosted runs on WordPress. This is because of the variety of themes that makes the design a simple experience. WordPress has lots of plugins to enable multiple visits, engagement and conversion functionalities possible. WordPress has a simple interphase to create new posts/ pages and ability to upload images and videos easy.
The Stages in website development

Discovery phase

Information is gathered about multiple aspect of the business. This includes

  • Goals
    • A new website or a website revamp is done with a purpose to solve a business problem or a goal. 
  • About the business 
    • Information is gathered about the business, the competitors, the positioning, the services/products, competitors and the buyer personal.
discovery phase
benchmarking phase

Benchmarking phase

Benchmarking is done on multiple parameters. This includes 

  • Design
    • Multiple websites in the industry will be benchmarked and the design elements will be suggested based on the industry and on the target audience. 
  • Content
    • Competing websites and blogs will be benchmarked. for the kind of content they provide. 
    • Distinction will be made between content that is educational, entertaining and self-promotional. 
    • Strategies will be provided on what type of content the client should produce.


A GAP Analysis is prepared and suggestions are provided to improve the existing site or to provide inputs to the new site. 

Wireframe phase

  • Create blue print for the design of the site
  • Wireframes will be presented to the customers 
  • Sitemap of the website will be provided.
wireframe phase
development phase

Development phase

  • Install WordPress, the right themes and develop the website
  • Use the right plugins to enable the right functionalities 
  • Apply the right color schemes, font styles and size.
  • Test the site non-functional parameters

Hosting and Analytics

  • Deploy the website in the server of choice
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster 


hosting phase