Presentation Techniques Training

Sales Presentation Training

All of us go through the stage of presenting our solutions to one or many customers at some point in our sales cycles. This might be a series of presentations as well. We all take pride in having done an awesome presentation but we don’t hear from the customer after that. 

What could be the reason? 

We could not connect with the customers who attended our presentation. This is because we focussed on showcasing the product or the solutions benefits but we did not focus on the customers point of view. 

Scovelo Consulting offers a one-day training on presentation techniques. This training focusses on building the necessary skills  that the sales team needs to have when they are doing a presentation.

The agenda of the sales presentation techniques training are as follows:

Overview of a presentation

Overview of a presentation

  • What is a presentation 
  • What buyers expect out of a presentation
  • Mistakes we make in a presentation

Process of delivering a presentation

  • Visual map of presentation
  • Leveraging content in presentation
  • Stages of slides in presentation
Process of delivering a presentation
Present or Ask questions

Present or Ask questions

  • Mistakes in continuously presenting
  • How to ask the right questions
  • What frequency to ask 
  • How to engage with the customers

Delivery skills

  • Messaging skills
  • Presentation strategy
  • Soft skills in delivery
Delivery skills
Role plays

Role plays

  • Team acts in the role plays to deliver presentation , ask questions and engaging with the audience.

Business benefits of consultative selling training

  • The team can have a significant increase in Qualified prospects to Prospecting ratio
  • The team will look knowledgeable 
  • The team will be respected by the buyers
  • The team can engage and understand the buyers better