Social Selling Training

Social Selling Training

Sales models have evolved over time. Social Media Marketing has also evolved simultaneously. Social Selling is a combination of these two. This allows salespeople to target their buyer personas much accurately, establish a position of leadership and trust using social media networks and followers. This would help get in front of the buyers who will be inaccessible through other channels of reach-out and can get them the meetings and also engage with them throughout the buying cycle and make them buy. 

Agenda of the Social Selling Training Selling

  • What is Social Selling
  • Changing Landscape of Buyers
  • Integration of Social Selling into Traditional Selling

Social Profile Makeover

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Content Creation

  • The expertise areas
  • Types of Content – Blogs, Infographics, “How to Guides”, Videos, Landing Pages

Social Prospecting & Engaging

  • Define your ideal client
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • How to connect, prospect and engage
  • The What, Why and How’s of Content sharing
  • Connecting with them on the prospects problems and your solutions
  • Trigger Events in the prospects landscape

Integration with the Sales Process

  • Create a prospecting plan
  • Science in asking questions and Qualifying the prospects
  • Engaging with prospects at multiple stages of the sales cycle

Set Targets and Goals

  • Target Groups / Potential Buyers / Opinion Leaders in the industry
  • Your expertise areas
  • Your message and value to different target groups
  • Starting sales conversations
  • Best Practices on chat, email, webinar
Further reading on the topic  can be found in Social Selling Methodology