Search Engine Optimization services

Search Engine Optimization services

Your visitors type and search for services or products based on what they have in mind. That makes search the most qualified channel for traffic leads. ScoVelo consulting provides SEO services by using the right keyword and creating contextual content. Each page is optimized for SEO and high qualify backlinks are built to convert as many pages as possible into searchable digital assets.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

  • SEO Services begin with a Technical SEO Audit to analyze the existing web presence for any technical errors that prevents the pages from ranking. This includes
  • Responsiveness from multiple devices
  • Checking for sitemap
  • Evaluating site metrics
  • Server errors and site speed
  • Https check
  • Crawlability
  • Any Blacklisting etc

Competition Analysis

The best way to better is to benchmark ourselves against our competitors. The competition analysis services include

  • Identifying Broad and Niche competitors
  •  Mapping their functionalities and keywords
  • Mapping their content and back-links
  • Mapping their performing and non-performing assets
This will help us finding out the competitor’s best practices and will help us quickly adopt to what is working in the market.  


Competition Analyisis
Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the links between our pages and the visitors searches. Bench-marking need to be done on our website and our competitors. The Keyword Analysis services include

  • GAP analysis
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Content Suggestions
  • Keyword Strategy

Off Page SEO Services

Off Page SEO Services include building contextual back links from high authority sites to increase the ranking for specific keywords optimized on the pages. The popular types of back linking include

  • Article Submission
  • Social Shares
  • Blog Commenting
  • Image and Video sharing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Other types of generic backlinks
Off Page SEO Services

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