Consultative Selling Training

Overview of Consultative Selling

Your potential buyer is bombarded with so much of stimuli. They know the business pain points they face. The buyers have so many reference sites and pages to look at the potential solutions available in the market. The buyers have a point of view, you as a sales person have your point of view. 

These two points of view might not necessarily meet in the first few meetings. You will need to educate the buyer about the impact of the problem they have. You will have to make them understand that the existing solutions they have might not be addressing the pain point the right way. You will then have to outline how your solution will fit them well. 

ScoVelo Consulting offers a 1 day workshop on Consultative Selling. The agenda of the workshop will be as follows:

skills your team need to have

Skills your team needs to have

  • Old Vs New models
  • Skills required to excel

How to listen

  • Science of Listening
  • Art of Listening
  • Types of people
  • Making mental maps while listening
how to listen
call planning

Call Planning

  • Methodology for call planning
  • Understand the call objective
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Process of questioning
  • Visualize call flow

Understanding the customer better

  • Developing questioning skills
  • How to keep customer engaged
  • Making them confess
  • Understanding needs
understanding customer better
value proposition

Value Proposition

  • What is Value Proposition
  • How to message
  • How to calculate Value

Objection Handling

  • Anticipate objections
  • How to respond to objections
  • How to Convince people
objection handling
closing the sale

Closing the sale

  • Process of Closing
  • Skills required to close
  • Negotiation and Closing techniques

Benefits of Consultative Selling

  • Your sales team will be more presentable and will gain respect
  • Your team will be able to create a good value in your product
  • Your team will be perceived as an advisor and not as a vendor
  • Your team will be able to close more deals
  • Your team will be able to sell with higher margins