The agenda of the sales enablement training are as follows

Overview of sales enablement

  • Sales Enablement basics
  • Framework for lead qualification
  • Sales Enablement Vs Sales Operations

Buyer persona and their problems

  • What is Buyer Persona
  • A day in life of a customer
  • How to position the solution

Creating content

  • Creating content for buyer personas
  • Planning for content
  • Content in multiple formats

Aligning your teams around content

  • Sales and Marketing meetings
  • Agenda to be discussed
  • Aligning Marketing and Sales

How to do sales enablement

  • Define the sales enablement process
  • Define the sales enablement structure
  • Technology to align and achieve goals

Preparing for Negotiation

  • Negotiation ranges and priorities
  • Value in Negotiation
  • Bargains / Debates in Negotiation

Negotiation strategies

  • Ranges
  • Relationship building
  • Game theory
  • Unconventional strategies

Opening the Negotiation

  • How to open the talk
  • How to bring in positive feelings
  • Setting expectations
  • How to exchange information

Closing the Negotiation

  • How to get a NO to a YES
  • Deal closing methodology
  • Provide a Win-Win feeling to the buyers

Benefits of Sales Enablement training

  • Marketing team produces contextual content
  • Sales team will be able to close more
  • The two teams work together
  • Assets developed will be utilized well
  • Analytics to find out what is working and what does not