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Inside Sales Training India

Who is it for?

This 3 Full Day Inside Sales Training for Indian companies is meant for the sales teams and the sales managers in India location who are selling on the phone or are fixing meetings and handing it over to the Outside Sales teams


Every company aspires to set up an Inside Sales team in India to be able to sell their services and products on the phone but there are practical issues in producing consistent results.  Small changes can be done at every stage of the Sales Cycle and the team can be trained to show dramatic results. This hand-on custom training can increase the penetration/closure ratio & cut down the cost of sales. The engine provides consistency at multiple stages of the sales cycle. The senior sales people need to be involved only at the last stage to close the deal or to manage the account after the account reaches a particular size.

Sales Planning

Sales Planning

Sales Planning

Sales planning involves defining the ideal buyer profile. The right sets of Segments of buyers in terms of Target Organizations and the Buyer Types (Titles) coupled with the location, size of the companies and the revenue to name a few should be decided. 

The Value Proposition on what needs to be articulated to each buyer type should then be defined.

The sales plan in terms of Market Reach, Market Penetration, Decision on the team size and Metrics to evaluate on a constant basis are then laid out in terms of a Sales Operational Plan.

This will help the sales organization not to waste their time and efforts in reaching out to the wrong sets of buyers. This will also help in managing the reach and penetration and how to monitor and measure the progress on a weekly basis. 

Top of the Funnel

The Top of the Funnel Inside sales training involves understanding the different types of outreach by the sales team. This includes the techniques to be followed in Cold Calling, Cold Emailing and LinkedIn to reach out to the buyers within a time frame. The module will also include the sound bytes that needs to be conveyed to the prospective buyer in each of the channels. Finally, the training will focus on the sales teams understanding and articulating the capabilities and the case studies in multiple formats to hold conversations.  Further reading can be done at Anatomy of a Sales Funnel

This will help the sales team in reaching out to the right buyers and maximize the conversions of initial touch point into longer conversations. The team will end up actively prospecting and consistently adding prospects at the top of the funnel

Top of the Funnel
Middle of the Funnel Training

Middle of the Funnel

The Middle of the funnel Inside sales training will include techniques on how to hold the initial presentations, how to question the prospects to elicit their pain points, how to qualify them , how to do needs analysis and finally how to decide the next steps after each conversation and follow up non-intrusively to be on top of the buyers mind. 

This will help the team create a need in the mind of the buyer and add more qualified leads in the pipeline. 

Bottom of the Funnel

The Bottom of the Funnel Inside sales training will include competition analysis, finding out the high impact needs of multiple buyers, presentation to multiple buyers, proposal techniques, contracting, objection handling and finally negotiation techniques. This will help the sales team to close more business. Further reading can be done at Bottom of the Sales Funnel. 

Bottom of the Funnel Training

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