B2B Sales Process Consulting

Sales Process Consulting

Methodology of the Sales Process Consulting engagement?

This three to six months Sales process consulting is a time tested proven methodology to infuse science in the sales process. Areas of improvement are identified by analyzing every aspect of the sales process. The management / sales team is interviewed for finding the areas of improvement. A GAP analysis document is created based on the revenue goals. A sales playbook is made. The team is trained on the playbook. Effective reviews will be in place to ensure consistency in the sales process based on the playbook.


Consistency in the sales engine is what every company aspires to establish. Execution issues  prevents the companies from setting the consistency in the sales process. Small changes can be done at every stage of the Sales Cycle and the team can be trained to show dramatic results. This hand-on custom training can increase the penetration/closure ratio & also cut down the cost of sales. Hence, the engine provides consistency at multiple stages of the sales cycle. The senior sales people need to be involved only at the last stage to close the deal or to manage the account after the account reaches a particular size.

Sales process consulting discover phase

Discover Phase

Fact finding is the key in this Sales Process Consulting – Discover phase.  Discussions with management and the sales teams are done. Areas of improvements are identified. A GAP analysis is done and a Sales playbook will be designed  is created based on the playbook  As a result, the team can be consistent across the multiple stages of the sales cycle by following the playbook.

Implement Phase

A detailed sales plan is the first deliverable of the Implementation phase. First of all, a detailed sales operations plan is drawn. The buyer personas (segments) are identified so that the sales teams efforts are pointed. Multiple scripts for each buyer persona are prepared. Finally, a detailed sales playbook is created. The training is done to the sales team based on the sales playbook. Consultative selling training is done in this module to ensure that the team gets the latent needs of the buyers out. This will consequently lead to the sales people selling to the needs than selling to the product or services they are supposed to sell

Sales process consulting
Achieve Phase

Achieve Phase

The  Achieve phase includes achieving consistency across multiple stages of the sales cycle. This will lead to increase in clients and revenue consistently. Once you begin seeing the success in the model, you can achieve prediction in revenue. 

Scale Phase

The  Scale Phase includes getting feedback and analyzing every activity of the sales cycle performance. This analysis is done in reference to the sales plan that has been done based on the sales goals. Corrective action is made and you can see the  increase in Clients, Revenue, Sales teams and also the practices. 

Scale Phase

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