Consistent Sales Engine

Every organization need to build a Consistent Sales Engine. One portion of that can be achieved by getting leads consistently using Digital Marketing and sales prospecting. The next aspect is to convert those into deals by following a scientific sales methodology. ScoVelo Consulting works with Digital and Sales leaders of B2B organizations. A Variety of Consulting and Training services are offered to fine-tune the existing process and up-skill the teams to help them  achieve consistency. 

Services Offered

Sales Process Consulting

A time tested methodology to infuse science in the sales process to help achieve consistency . Every aspect of the sales process is analyzed and metrics are assigned to each process. Evaluation is done on a weekly basis to ensure that efforts are put in to get the results desired

Digital Marketing Consulting

An analysis in the digital process and bench marking with best practices. A GAP analysis document is the takeaway that will set the strategy to fine tune the process and help achieve better results. Incremental changes are made in each activity to drive better results

Inside Sales Training

A time tested methodology to help streamline inside sales process to sell remote. The training includes identifying buyer persona, setting up the team, scripts for each stage of the buyers journey and all the techniques needed by the inside sales team and the management to perform better.

Content Marketing Services

Content is the center piece of any digital activity. A strategy will be drawn to create the right content to appeal to the right stage of the buyers journey. This content in multiple formats will be custom made to the organization capabilities. The right choice of channels will also be decided and content will be amplified to engage with the buyers

Key Account Management Training

Retaining the key accounts is of utmost importance to an organizations sustainability. KAM training will include identifying, shortlisting and penetrating the key accounts to increase the revenue potential from the existing customers.

Social Selling Training

Sales people can leverage Social Media as a way to engage with prospects. This is contextual in situations when the prospects cannot be reached using phone and email. Social selling builds a personal brand for the sales person and for the organization and helps in building confidence in the minds of the buyers to engage with the selling company..

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