Video Creation

Video Creation

Video SEO is simply optimizing your video to be indexed and rank on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. There are many optimization strategies to give your videos a higher chance of ranking, which this article will outline. Video SEO is about making video content discoverable in the search engines of each of the main video platforms (Google, YouTube, Bing, Vimeo) and social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Benefits of Video Creation

Increases search ranking in search engines

Chance to rank high on search engines

Increases views

People tend to click on videos than on text

Increases conversion

Video as a format increases conversions a lot

Brings thoughts to life

Conveying longer content versions into short meaningful ones

Storytelling becomes easier

Conveying the thoughts becomes easier in videos

Our Process

Videos let you establish authority and a more personal feel to your message.  Video content is any content format that features or includes video. Common forms of video content include vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, customer testimonials, recorded presentations and webinars.


  • Generate Ideas 
  • Benchmarking Competitors
  • Storyboard
  • Video brief


    1. Video strategy /Goals
    2. Story Selection
    3. Script Preparation
    4. Choice of video format


    • Sequencing the images
    • Production of video
    • Deciding the voice over
    • Video production

Post Production

  • Deciding the BGM
  • Zeviews / Approvals
  • Modifying the videos
  • Final Delivery



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