Video Marketing

Humans attention span is getting shorter and shorter. They don’t have the patience to consume your long drawn textual content. However, you still have to create content based on text – Blogs, Articles for instance. We have begun incorporating an image in each blog compulsorily. It is important that we begin using one more format of content in our pages – Video. 

Why should we use video? 

  • Customers love it – Easier form of consuming content
  • Search Engines love it – Increases time on site and engagement
  • Lends a human element to the brand
  • Makes it interesting to consume
  • Element of audio and visual elements make it engaging. 

B2C firms used video big time and increased their customer engagement. Now, B2B Brands have also  begun leveraging multiple types of video.  Let us look at the types of videos ScoVelo Consulting makes for our customers. 

Explainer/Intro Videos

These are the types of videos that explains a product / service / company in the shortest possible duration.

Why Explainer videos

  • Helps in setting the expectations of your brand or product with your customers. 
  • Helps your audience get a quick overview of who you are and what you do within a minute.
  • Helpful in the Top of the Funnel stage of the buyer behaviour.  

Product Videos

These are the types of videos that demonstrates the benefits of the product or the service.

  • People get more engaged as the product or service is communicated both auditorily as well as visually.
  • Helps builds a lot of trust about the brand.
  • Helpful in the Middle of the Funnel stage of the buyer behaviour

Tutorial Videos

These are otherwise called as How-To Videos. The main benefit of the tutorial video is to give the viewers a good idea of how to operate a product or how to utilize a service.

  • In the virtual world, we end up selling through tutorial videos.
  • Help as a great stimulus for the customers to get a sense of the product and purchase it.
  • Helpful in the Bottom of the Funnel stage of the buyer behaviour

Now that we have seen the three types of videos to cater to the three stages of the sales funnel, we will look at how we can execute these three types of explainer videos. They are

Text Animation videos

This is one type of video where text will be the primary mode of communicating the brand message.

  • Animation of text coupled with a good Background Music
  • Help in setting the tone of the message to the buyer persona.
  • Suitable when you feel that you have no pictures or no videos to show to the audience. 

2D Cartoon animation

Story telling is something every brand should adopt. A good story will bring in life to the brand.

  • Make people emote with the brand.
  • A nice way to tell the story will be with cartoons.
  • A well planned cartoon caricature+ a good storyline + a good voice over will send in the right message to the buyer persona. 

Live videos

This will be suitable for organizations that has customer facing people and is willing to get in front of a camera.

  • Best of all the video types because it lends a human face to the brand.
  • Useful for services organizations that establishes a thought leadership position.
  • Cost effective as you can incur an one time expense on the camera, the tripods and the office backdrop. You can keep shooting videos infinitely.

Stock Videos

This is so useful for start-ups or for services organizations. 

  • Useful when you would not be having enough of content in terms of product photographs or any content to showcase your services.
  • Stock videos are the way to go. Pick up the right stock videos and add layers of text animation and background music to convey your brand story through videos.

White Board Animation

This is another form of an explainer video that engages with the user the drawing progresses over time.

  • Helpful when your product idea is not easy to explain.
  • Can be a technical idea where people get bored by watching a lot of technical specs of the diagrams 
  • Explained easily through these types of videos.  

Every type of video has a use case. We have to do an analysis of the situation we are in and the product / stage of the product life cycle. We should then decide the type of video we should adapt. Our content marketing will be highly successful if we learn to leverage video as one of the formats. Here is a video on outlining the 8 types of videos a brand can make for themselves.