marketing collaterals preparation services

Marketing Collaterals Preparation Services

Every organization makes a variety of collaterals either to convey information about themselves or to establish a thought leadership position. The organization ends up making a few collaterals. Do you want to know the essence in creating these effective collaterals at scale.  

ScoVeo Consulting  offers marketing collaterals creation as a service. We create a variety of collaterals that are as follows

Power point Presentations

Power point Presentations

  • A presentation is used in a variety of use cases. Buyers prefer presentations because it has lots of information that can be conveyed. The information can be about the selling organization and also about the solutions they offer. There is a lot of flexibility on the imagery, videos and text. They can be used in 
    • Presentation upload sites
    • Web pages
    • By the sales team at multiple stages of the selling cycle
    • Used as pitch decks, conference. 

Hence it is important that adequate efforts are put in to include the right type of formats and the content. Doing this will help in positioning the organization and in establishing a thought leadership position.


  • This is preferred again by a lot of customers in consuming information in a short duration. Every mail or every meeting with a potential customer ends up having a brochure as a take away. We have the necessary expertise to make contextual brochures tailor made to specific buyer personas.
Explainer Videos.

Explainer Videos.

  • With attention span being very low. people do not have time to read long textual content. Hence many buyers prefer videos as a way to consume information. We come up with a strategy on what sort of content needs to be used by the organization. We come up with variety of video content and also distribute the content in multiple channels.


  • Infographics give your brand a visual look. It breathes life into your message.
  • Infographics has emerged as a great format of content to convey long form of content where people can consumer it in a few seconds. The data heavy content can be converted into eye catching visuals and information can be simplified.

Preparing for Negotiation

  • Negotiation ranges and priorities
  • Value in Negotiation
  • Bargains / Debates in Negotiation

Negotiation strategies

  • Ranges
  • Relationship building
  • Game theory
  • Unconventional strategies

Opening the Negotiation

  • How to open the talk
  • How to bring in positive feelings
  • Setting expectations
  • How to exchange information

Closing the Negotiation

  • How to get a NO to a YES
  • Deal closing methodology
  • Provide a Win-Win feeling to the buyers

We do the collaterals by leveraging a process. We set the objective after understanding the buyer personas. We come up with defining the multiple channels and decide the right format of the content. We will then come up with the quantity of the content. We would interview the client on the highlights that need to go into the content. We would benchmark this content with the competitors content and will come up with a strategy to produce these marketing collaterals.