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Sales Training – Skills required for todays sales person


Buyers are getting more knowledgeable and are hence changing their buying behavior… So, sales people have to change.

Thanks to Internet and VOIP, any sales person can reach anyone across the globe and can sell. This means that more competitors now have access to your customers that was once upon a time, available only to you and to a handful of competitors of yours. All websites look similar flaunting all functionalities in the product or capabilities in services. All sales people say that their companies will do everything. Buyers are hence suspicious with sales people and are also tired of the noise and the volume of the marketing and the sales campaigns aimed at them.

What skills should the sales people have?

Continuous Learning – A good % of the month should be spent in acquiring skills they have not learnt before.

Learn about their products/ capabilities fitment to an Industry or a Buyer, learn about latest selling skills.

Thanks to the buyers losing fuse faster, it is important that the sales person should know at least a basic level of how their company can help a buyer instead of just asking for a scheduled meeting with their seniors. Buyers want to talk and to engage with Sales people who understand what the buyer wants and have the skills and the knowledge. Relationship building is not by being over friendly, by being over enthusiastic, by being persistent but by being knowledgeable.

Be a knowledge giver than being a seller – When I think back of the days in the early 90’s when I started selling, buyers had access to a few sellers only, the only gateway of knowledge for the buyer was the sales person, it was imperative that the sales person had to be aggressive and be persuasive to close.

Today, with the buyers having a good knowledge of the products and services available in the market, the cliché – ABC, a.k.a, Always Be Closing is changing into Always Be Consulting. Move into a method of understanding the buyer’s problems, help them in solving those by providing them options and make them get confident about you. Once you do that, the buyers will be happy to give you the business or at least give you the first choice of rejection and would be after you.

Focus on the right sets of buyers. You cant be a one stop shop for all the customers in the world. Your capabilities and your products will suit a set of buyers the best and will not suit many customers.

Segment your customers, Target the right audience, devise a sales plan to reach out to them first, spend time with those chosen audience, and qualify early instead of trying every possible company based on the logo or the size because it is your aspiration

Be clear on articulating the Value Proposition. No one has the time and the interest to listen to your pitch on how great you are, your company is, and your processes are. There will be a time when you can flaunt all of those. Initially, it is extremely important that you state your Value Proposition (How can i be of use to you) as that will help the buyer decide to continue engaging with you.

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Sales Training – Skills required for todays sales person

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