My company is five years old; we have so many customers and interesting case studies. How am I going to convey this in a cold call within the magical 45 to 60 seconds? How am I going to impress the prospect to continue to talk to me? How am I going to nail the next meeting on a cold call?

Sounds Familiar!!!.

These are the questions that constantly hound every sales person when they are mandated with doing cold calls and are asked to prospect. Not being aware of what to do makes the cold calls an unexciting and a hated job for all sales people.

The bulk of the initial conversations go into a negative spin because the sales person is unable to convey anything meaningful to the buyers. An average buyer gets many 100s of calls on their desk and their cell phones and will not pick up the phone unless it comes from a known number or unless they are expecting a call at that point in time and hope that the phone ringing at that point in time is that phone call. Once in a while, they might be free and hence would pick up the phone call just to talk to someone they don’t know. Hence, a cold call will still be hostile to them as they are not expecting this call to come at that point.

Cold calls will be very effective if the sales person should talk about benefits of the product to the buyers instead of talking about the company’s features.

The anatomy of a cold call therefore is as follows:

Permission to Talk – Hello John, do I have a minute to speak with you and If Yes.

Identifying the Right Person – Find out if this is the person that you have to speak with. (This is what I would like to speak about, are you the right person to speak with?) , If Yes – Continue, If No, ask who else in the organization can you speak with?

Pitch – I call on behalf of XYZ that has developed a product ( Benefits of the product) (OR) have worked with many companies in your industry (in case of services) and have solved (use cases) and have been , on an average deliver (Quantifiable Benefits). 

Call to Action -If this is interesting, I would like to explain this in detail at some other time at your convenience. When do think we can connect? Give me a date and time that works for you.. The subsequent meetings can be utilized to discuss in length about everything else that you would want to

Keep in mind, the problems that the prospective buyer faces at any given day and how your product or services will help them solve their problems and articulate them in a short way in the elevator pitch and your cold calls will be very successful.

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