Once a lead is generated, the team jumps in excited that an opportunity has been found and begins servicing the buyer. All leads are not equal and it is important that these leads are filtered and decisions are taken on which one of the leads generated is worth the organizations time.

There are many potential buyers who are checking you out. This is because of multiple reason

    them and have pitched to them in a nice way. They got interested based on your pitch and would listen to you. Once again, you have cast the magic spell and they are talking to you about a potential engagement and are asking you to bid for it. They engage and ideate with you, accept your ideas and solution and take your proposal for the go ahead. You get a nice email that in-spite of your excellent solution , the prospect was unable to utilize your capabilities.

What could happen against you:

You may not be talking to the decision maker You, as a vendor, may not be meeting the minimum eligibility parameter to bid for this engagement
You may not have been able to emote with multiple decision makers
You may not have identified this pain point to have a high impact with the prospect

We can keep adding lot more pointers on what might come back to bite you but you, as a sales person need to be watchful at this stage of the sales cycle because of the following reasons.

This is where your middle management or the top management gets to know the existence of this opportunity and might step in to speak with the person
The company may have put in enormous effort in providing some custom information the potential buyer had asked for.
This opportunity may go on the sales pipe and you might be questioned later on why you did not close the deal

Lot of diligence needs to be spent in analyzing the buyer’s intention, their authority and their affordability. Attention needs to be given to what they have as issues, what they are looking to achieve and who will be the most impacted person in the company. Efforts should be put in to reach out and to engage to as many potential buyers as possible within the buying organization so that you have covered your bases.

This module will focus developing skills on Qualifying, Questioning, Mapping the multiple buyers and in presenting the solution to appeal to multiple buyers who might look at the same problem from their own perspectives.

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