Every day 100s of your potential customers flock to some industry blogs or forums to either to ask a question or to find answers to the issues they face on a day-to-day basis.

Are you, as a sales person, there finding out the relevant questions and answering those? Are you positioning yourself as a thought leader without spending too much of time on selling efforts. Are you making your potential buyers reach out to you and are you engaging with the person.

Yes, Blog commenting is an effective way to get in front of people who you would have, otherwise, taken a lot of time and effort to reach out. In large companies, the marketing teams will be doing these activities but in smaller companies, the sales teams can also participate in this demand generation activity.

How do we do it? The process is like this.

Find the blogs or the forums where your potential buyers will visit. <
Find those questions that make sense for you to respond to and give a solution.
Do this consistently and you will begin getting some inbound leads

Sounds easy, doesn’t it???

Well, there are a few aspects to watch out for. Blog Commenting cannot be viewed as a sheer back linking activity with metrics such as ..

How many sites or forums have i gone and answered?
How many questions have I responded to ?
How many backlinks have I created ?

Quantity is important but isn’t quality important too?

The commenting devolves to appreciating the person for the question and pointing a link towards their website asking the person to log in to check out the capabilities of the selling company.

What happens in this case?

This annoys the members. They don’t go to those blogs to be sold. They want to learn. The person who comments like this either gets ignored or gets kicked out of the group at some time quoting commercial messages as a reason.

We need to spend quite a bit of time and effort in finding the right set of communities and post the right types of content to post. There will be many questions for which the sales person may not know the responses but can take the help of the technical or the functional team to help draft the right answers and respond. When the answers are contextual and are useful to the community, the members automatically would like to know who this person is and would like to connect and hence the sales person can build their highly qualified network of prospects gradually.

This module focuses on the techniques to find ways to consistently blog with a meaning and at the same time not sounding commercial but help the group solve problems that they have not been able to solve in the past. This will make sure that you blog in the right communities and not be perceived as someone who is blog commenting with a sole purpose of building back links which is detrimental both to you from a brand perspective and also having the search engines blacklisting you.

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