Have constant review mechanism

As you will have pockets of excellence and slumps spread across multiple people in your teams, you will need to have a constant review mechanism. You can quickly spot the trends and can step in to get some consistency across multiple team members.

Find out their needs and train them accordingly

As you would have team members who will have varied strengths and weak spots, you will have to train them based on where they feel their weaknesses are.

Come out with past success documentation to help them learn fast

You will have to discuss with your management on the past employee’s traits that made them successful and you also should map your earlier team members and of course with your own traits on what made them successful. You should document the success formula and train the teams so that they begin performing faster

Focus only on numbers as per the sales cycle

Your discussions with your sales teams should be limited to the numbers that have been assigned to them in the beginning of the period. The health of the sales team efforts is a figment of the activities they perform and the efforts they put in that will lead to results coming in. These mini results will help in miniature movement towards the closure

A good pat on the back with the performer of the month helps

All sales people are not necessarily motivated towards money only. A small pat on the back announcing the best monthly performer and making it official will be a great booster. Sometimes a small mail of appreciation or a get together of a few departments with an applause will also do the work.

Constant training

Many times, we forget the basic stuff that got us to where we are today. A few of us took the extra initiative to constantly be persuasive with the rest of the organization and learn how the product works, the capabilities of the services organization. However, we ignore the training that needs to be given to the team. The training we organize will be done normally by the tech team who will train the team the way they know the product. This will be completely techy in nature and the business angle of the product or technology will be missing. The sales people will hence think that they don’t know enough and will not be confident to face the prospects. You should also watch out for the re-training aspect as well. There is a good chance that your sale team forgets what was trained because they did not have a chance to speak with the prospects to practice those to perfection.


So a combination of constant evaluation of the knowledge and re-training should be a part of the management of the team. 

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