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Your website is an essential part of your business. Without it, you could lose potential customers and lose revenue.

Whether you’re selling jewellery or consulting services, your website should tell a compelling story about who you are, how you can help visitors, what you have to offer, and how people can connect with you. This virtual greeting provides security to people.

To do this, you must include at least five specific pages on your website.

Do you have them all? Read below.


A homepage is a page on the website where the visitor gets to know about you. This is the first thing a visitor sees and determines whether someone sees or says goodbye. When creating a homepage, you need to think from the perspective of the customer. From the navigation bar to the images to be copied, you control the first impression of your visitors.

Visitors need to clearly understand the purpose of your homepage within seconds. You want them to see your logo with a visible call-to-action button.Avoid cluttering your homepage with some inappropriate images. They also don’t want excessive colour swatches. Present your small business well and strive for simplicity in your designs.

Your homepage should increase visitors’ perceptions of your small business. This is your contribution to increase brand awareness and generate more conversions.

 About page

Information pages are a great way to view your brand’s vision and achievements. Be bold in your statement and discuss how your goal will help customers. Storytelling is the key to a site. You want readers to connect with your brand values, join you on your journey, and share messages with family and friends.

The About Us page is about connecting with people emotionally, so if you have a story that tells how you touched life, tell the world. Such content humanizes your business by making it your own. Gives meaning and context to the product.

 Product or service page

Product and service pages are the core of most websites. It should turn occasional visitors into frequent buyers. You do want to spend a lot of time improving this page for the customer experience.

When creating a product description, you want to sell the benefits, not the features. Tell a life story that shows how the buyer felt after buying your product. You want to feel part of the product before you even receive it.

Product photography also plays an important role. Highlight multiple corners of the product and allow users to zoom in and out. If necessary, record a short video to enhance the visual experience.

When you sell a service, write a detailed description. Give your customers context on how you provide your services. 

 Blog page

A blog is your brand’s primary platform for talking directly to customers. They can display the latest product updates and trends, as well as answer common questions from buyers.

A successful blog is a journey of the moment, not a destination. Your blog should grab the visitor’s attention and take them on your unique adventure with the brand. 

Your blog posts can demonstrate your experience in a specific subject area by providing quality and relevant information to your readers. Over time, you may become recognized as a transitional resource providing consistent and useful information.

 Contact page

Communication helps build stable relationships with your customers. You can find out about their needs and wants when they relate to your product. This also opens the door to critical feedback.

Think of your contact page as a customer assistance tool. The priority is to provide the first-class service regardless of the reason for the visitor. You also want your customers to have accurate information.

Depending on your type of business, you could include your brand’s physical address, email address, or phone number. If you have the opportunity to have a live chat, please include the availability of a support agent on the page.

Your contact page should be easily accessible. You don’t want customers to click five different pages to connect to your business.

The contact page is a great place to set customer expectations. Tell your visitors about response times and commit to this promise.

Update your website:

Nurture your visitors with important information about your company. Your website is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and generating more sales. Update your website with all relevant pages.

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