In an email marketing campaign, a company or service provider sends an email to an existing prospect or customer base to encourage the recipient to take action or contact the sender in a way that generates new sales or leads.A successful email marketing campaign is achieved when the recipient of your email takes the desired action and interacts with your website. An email marketing campaign is probably the easiest and cheapest way to reach a large number of people in one click.Following are the 10 essentials dos and don’ts of a successful email marketing campaign.

Engage with Subscribers:

Send them your welcome email after they sign up. Since your last prospect just found you and expressed a desire to receive your email, sending a thank you email can add to their excitement.

Acquire email subscribers organically:

Get your customers to opt-in to your email subscription. This will be better as your email will go to the right sets of people. You will also be able to target your subscribers. Never buy an email list as a major percentage of that list will not be valid. The bounces will only increase your email and your domain spam score.

Be Consistent:

Be in constant touch with your prospective customers . The chances of them seeing an email is very low. Hence you must reach out to them on a constant basis so that they get to see one of your emails and get to see other emails on a regular frequency. The prospects should actually expect your email at that frequency.

Do segment your list:

Segmenting your list is the best way to ensure that you are sending relevant information to each of your subscribers. The result is they’re always looking forward to receiving and opening your email.

Send relevant content:

Generic emails are found to reduce the conversion rates. Your readers don’t want to be treated as just an email address. Research shows that personalization increases the likelihood of your email being opened by 26%. Subscribers have evolved and stopped judging emails that don’t provide them with personalized content.

Do use marketing automation:

Leverage marketing automation to create a customer journey that provides customers with valuable content to guide them on their journey. Marketing automation ensures that each of your subscribers gets the right email at the right time, depending on where they are in the customer journey.

Include pre-header text:

Forgetting to include pre-header text in your email subject line can hurt your own email marketing campaign. If your email has no reason to open, your readers can forward it.

Send personalized content:

It could be difficult for you to personalize it one on one if you do not use a high end automation tool. You can send personalized emails based on the industry or based on the use cases that the prospective customers can use your services for.  This will connect with the prospects much faster.

Do a Grammar and a Readability Check:

If you send an email without looking for bugs, broken links and other bugs, your email campaign will be playing Russian roulette. Remember, there are opportunities to attract readers to your email.

Do use your analytics report:

Use your reports to improve your email campaigns and future customer loyalty. Analytics provides an overview of customer behavior and how customers perceive your campaign. In email marketing, data is your best friend.


Ultimately, a successful email marketing campaign hinges on the humanity inherent in the email itself. Gone are the days of automated and robot-controlled text sections. Currently, the most successful campaigns are aimed at people who need to know that they will be perceived as such, and not just as potential customers or dollar tokens. So, make it easy for yourself, keep it personal and interesting, and you will soon see the success that your hard work can bring.

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