You may have developed a very useful product that might address the basic needs of your target audience. But without prospecting those target audiences, selling your product seems difficult.  Prospecting is a necessary activity in the sales cycle as this is one activity that lets the prospective customers know who we are and what we do.Linkedin is an ideal social media platform for B2B sales and furthermore. Below are some of the fresh ideas that might help you in prospecting on Linkedin.

Set up Your Profile the Right way:

Prospecting using Linkedin starts with profile optimization which is very crucial. It is needed to make yourself unique amongst the 740 million business professionals out there and make some value for your prospects out of your expertise.People check  your profile if they receive your connect request or they chance upon your profile based on Linkedin recommendations. Your profile should all be about the value you offer to your customers. This is your one page website on linkedin. People should get a good grip on who you are and what you do.  You should optimize your profile for a set of keywords on which you would like to be found on.

Put forward whatever you have got:

The first step after optimizing your profile should be defining the purpose of your business. Put forward the details of your unique selling point, skills, what and how you can offer them. Also detail about your ideal customers profile and how you will add value to them

Use Strategies to Connect:  

After connecting with known people, do send requests to unknown people on Linkedin. You can use strategies like connecting to people that have viewed your profile, ‘People also viewed’ sidebar, and also join the groups that deal with your relevant products/services.

 Search Your Competitors’ Networks:

Sourcing a new prospect with no experience of your product is difficult than selling the same product to your competitors’s customer. But luckily, LinkedIn has the feature to display your competitor’s networks. You can use the customer list for prospecting.

Track People Commenting on Your Prospects’ Posts:

While scrolling through your activity feed, don’t ignore the comments below the posts of your connections. It is more likely that those people interacting with your connections or customers will be potential prospects for your product/service. And as they are active, it will be easy to connect with them.

Make use of Linkedin Sales Navigator:

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid tool which helps you in lead generation more efficiently and effectively. Sales Navigator boasts superb targeting options, as it is tailored to salespeople’s needs.This tool has many amazing features that allows you to engage your leads by personalizing and building meaningful connections using the valuable insights.

Engage effectively:

Wherever chance permits, engage effectively. Congratulate your connections on their success. Acknowledge the comments below your posts. Post interesting blog articles and interact with your connections to prospect them.


Finally, the best part of prospecting on LinkedIn is that you’re privy to the personal details of your prospects, which helps you in creating a perfectly customized pitch for them.Try and experiment all these prospecting techniques to figure out what works out well for you. Good luck!

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