Do you send lots of emails but do not get any or good responses

Email Marketing has become the norm for every company. Every company reaches out to their potential buyers through email.  Since emails ids are so easy to find and can be sent at any time without the buyer being live, every company sends 100s of emails everyday.A typical buyer receives more than 200 to 300 emails a day excluding the inter company emails. So, no one has the time to check all emails and respond to all of those. So, busy buyers use filters to get the emails only from those they know and get the other emails or commercial emails to their spam folders. Hence the response rates are very low.Here are five techniques to increase your chances of your email being read
Subject line: 
Have your subject line talk about the benefits of your product and not the features
Tell and don’t Sell: 
No one wants to read a well crafted salesy email unless they are in the market to buy the product. It may be possible to send a nice picture of a consumer product with a great discounted price to induce a need in the consumer in a B2C situation but it may not be possible to replicate something similar in a B2B environment. Let your content educate the buyer and not sell to the buyer.
Let the tone be personal: 
People like to read stories and the ones that they think makes a lot of sense to them. The quick way to connect with someone is through a story of how your product/service has helped someone like them rather than talking about your products features or your services capabilities which will sound very salesy or boring.
Catchy Content:
 A short message conveying the outline of the benefits provided by the product or service to elicit interest with the buyer is good enough in the initial email. Two or three paragraphs of three to four lines each is more than enough to generate interest.
Reduce the images and Links:

It is always good to have a html layout and have lots of images to make your email look good. However, this might basically land in spam and hence not even reach the intended person. Let the initial email be simple but let the message be contextual.Attract your buyers and make it easy for the buyers to understand what you would like to convey within the first two or three lines.This will increase the response rates.

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