A typical day in a sales persons life. So much of efforts are being put by a sales person and so many people are either being spoken to or being met.Salespeople constantly get demotivated because they believe that they are putting in so much of effort but no buyers are showing interest.They are also having a negative feeling about Sales because not many buyers are willing to continue after the first or the second conversation.

Why is it happening
Buyers will not be interested if you would talk about yourselves. Buyers will be interested only if you talk about offering something that would help them solve one or many of the problems they have.Unfortunately, many of the sales scripting revolves around the uniqueness of the company, strengths, processes and their claims to have the best quality. Each one of your competitors website gives

almost the same message and every competing sales person says the same thing that they are the best.Unfortunately, the buyers are tired of the cliched sales scripts and will avoid anyone who does not convey the usefulness of the product to the buyers landscape fearing that they will waste time.As a sales person, your job is to educate your buyer on how your product or your service will make a difference in the buyers life. This will ensure that buyers get engaged and will allow you to be in touch with them and will meet you a few times which will increase the chances of your sales closures and will get you closer to your quota.

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