Today, while scrolling through your news feed on Facebook, you will find that most posts on the channel are videos. The number states that, on Facebook alone, there are a staggering 8 billion video views per day.The reason behind why videos are gaining a lot of attraction is that our brain is programmed in such a way that it retains visuals better than it retains a page loaded with words. Following are the reasons why videos must be created as one form of content.

Videos are loved by Google:

Videos are found to increase the average time spent by the visitors on your website. The longer time spent by the visitors on your website, signals the search engines that your website has quality content.Google loves videos. Now, Google owns YouTube and there has been a drastic impact of videos affecting your search engine rank. So, if you have videos embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google. Ensure optimizing your videos on Youtube for SEO.

Video Helps in Building Trust:

Building trust on your brand must be the goal as it lays the foundation for creating long-term relationships with the customers.Video helps in doing it all. It engages the audience by igniting their emotions. There are figures that videos help in creating a sense of individual approach and so, 57% of consumers purchase online as videos give them more confidence.

Video Enhances Conversions and Sales:

Some serious money making can be done with the help of videos. Try to add product videos on your website’s landing page to increase conversions by 80%.Video can help in leading directly to sales. Stats say that 74% of users watching a product video, bought it subsequently.

Video Provides Great ROI:

More excitingly, 83% of businesses convey that their video provides good return on investment. Video production is actually more difficult as you could imagine, but consider, it will surely pay off big time. Also, there are a lot of affordable online video editing tools to make it easier. Always know that, the quality of the content matters the most.

Video Attracts Mobile Users:

Facts say that 90% of online consumers watch videos on their mobile which stats that mobiles and videos go hand in hand. Every year, mobile video consumption keeps rising 100% as per YouTube reports. Since the love for videos and the number of smartphone users keeps growing, the number of your video audience also keeps increasing.

Video Improves Social Sharing:

Video marketers must remember that, in a social media context, people share emotions and not facts. However, emotions are not exactly ROI but these social shares can help in increasing your website traffic which is essential for conversions. Numbers say that 76% of users share a branded video with their friends if they feel it was entertaining. So, try creating fun and entertaining videos to encourage more social shares.

Video Can Explain Everything in Detail:

While launching a new product/service, create an explainer video to show your audience how it works. If it is a difficult concept to explain, try creating animated videos which bring in life to your concepts.


As per studies, the average viewer retains 95% of a content when it is watched, whereas only 10% when it is read.So, it is really undeniable that video marketing is one of the most effective forms of content for promoting your product/service online. Video is an ideal cocktail to boost your conversions as it is both versatile and profitable.

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