Multiple formats of content

Multiple formats of content

What types of formats do you need to make?

After deciding the strategy on who to publish for and what to publish, you have to decide on how to publish. The visitors who will consume your content would be of different types. Some of them like to read lots of text, some would hate reading text but would like to consume content either visually or through audio. You should have images, videos and audio samples for them to get engaged with you. 

You have published your blog in form of a written content. How else do you present the same content in multiple other formats.


  You can convert your complex and long test into a digestible graphic by using infographics. Your customers can understand the contents of the page within a few seconds and will consume the written content with more interest. You can create infographics using readily available templates that you can buy off multiple websites and create those within minutes.


This is the ideal way to engage on a personal level with your customers and go on a great way to tell stories to your customers. Many customers do not have the time to read and digest large amount of text and they would prefer a short video to give them a bird’s eye view of what this content is all about and then they may decide to consume the written content. Leverage the power of channels such as YouTube, Vimeo etc and expand the sets of customers to engage with.


For those people who would like to consume content on the move and a bit busy. Consumers can travel, work and do other tasks while listening in to your audio content. You could choose to create a separate set of content for your audio channel or convert the video content into a mp3 format and upload the audio files into an audio podcast channel


You can convert your text into slides and can make a power point format. You can also load the PPT in SlideShare, Scribd and Author stream to name a few.  Some people would not like the text because it could be too long. You can entice them with a few slides on the same topic with some slick images. This will give them an idea and then you can have a CTA for them to take them to your blog and make them consume another blog content as well.


Webinars are a great way to use as a way to get your content out to your intended audience. This has a combination of all the above-mentioned techniques and also lends a live personal element to your audience. This is because you have an ability to let people ask you questions if they have any and you can answer them immediately. The lead generation will be high in this format.So, a good piece of content that you have created can be manifested in multiple ways as mentioned above to get this in front of your intended audience and can make you generate multiple leads for further discussions. 


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