Getting a customer is dear for a startup. The startup is very happy to consistently get new customers. The management, in order to keep the customers happy, will go to any extent and service all customers all out. It may sound business sense to begin with. However, is it even worth spending time servicing all types of customers? Companies of all sizes figure out that some customers cost more than they are worth it. A startup has limited resources and treating all the customers equally may end up not treating your best customers properly. This will lead to all the customers eventually getting unhappy. and you may end up losing all your customers.

To maintain the right set of customer base, you have to rank them, fire the tail end of the customers and also the trouble makers. Then, you can now find time to focus your energy on the core client group and keep them so happy that they will never leave you for the competition. Following are few techniques to sustain the right set of customers.

  1. Service your customers with set expectations:

Treat all your customers initially well. However, set expectations with them even before the acquisition is over. Let them understand the terms and conditions of your service. Let them be clear of what they can expect out of you. You might lose a few new ones because they might not accept it. However, this will help you in the long haul by keeping good customers.  

  1. Focus more on your key customers

It is not a bad practice to have a few customers that are special to you. Your top clients may be formed in a combination of high revenue, easy to work with, focussed towards making this relationship a good one to name a few. You will have to work harder on these customers and also make them feel that they are special. .

  1. Differentiate on the services also:

Your product need not be the only place where you offer a differentiator. Your services are as important as well. Making the extra effort to prove that you are genuine in solving the customers problems or answering the queries is very important. Your customers will feel the importance and will also get a feeling that you are on top of their mind. This feeling will help you build a better relationship with your customers and grow well.  

  1. Promote continuous learning:

Making your sales team successful with extensive sales training will avoid very common problems that the sales industry faces. Set up your effective training and watch the averages of the best performers grow into the best that can generate more income for your business.You must regularly train your team to remember information. A great sales management strategy will help you to create a strategic training plan for the coming years and make sure your team sticks with it. Also, you encourage your team to continue to train independently to look their best and stay one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Show up your unique qualities:

With the accessibility of the Internet much of your strategies would be benchmarked and adopted by your competitors. Customers definitely would  flip for companies that demonstrate knowledge. Share the organization knowledge and the thought leadership  that demonstrates you are better. The customers will show more trust in you,The customers are more likely to buy from you, and in turn sell for you.

  1. Deliver more than expected:

Delivering more than what was promised earlier has seemed to be a lost art these days. It is an ability that makes it so powerful in making your special customers feel special themselves. To ensure there is no panic and no freaking out, the masters of this strategy plan to have the work done before it’s due. Always mind that you will be measured by your actions and not by your words.

  1. Inspire your team:

Successful sales leaders know the importance of inspiring your team. They use inspiration as one of their best strategies for managing sales teams. They do this by showing each salesperson how successful they are and motivating them to maximize

their potential. Inspiring sales leaders are often described as:

  • Have a positive, uplifting attitude that is contagious.
  • Show gratitude for the sales team’s hard work and reward / reward them accordingly.
  • Caring about sales team success is more than personal gain.
  • Taking personal responsibility for what happens, even if the consequences are unpleasant.

Creating an environment where your team feels inspired motivates them to stand out in their work.


Find out the unfulfilled needs of your potential customers and work to make their wishes come true by over-delivering on every single promise. Be aware that it’s always easier said than done. Now, it’s time to audit your own startup in checking your own executed actions versus promises made and the final results.    

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