Consistent Sales

First Few Customers – Concept Stage Sales Training 

Who is it meant for

This training is meant for Founders who have validated their idea and are looking at getting their first few customers.

Situation Analysis

With so many products and services competing with each other in the market place and the global market being accessible by every single competition, it is extremely difficult for a start-up to differentiate and acquire the first few customers to create a viable business model. It becomes very important for the founder or founder led sales team to be consistent and have lots of science incorporated in their sales process to make sure that they have a shortest path to closure or change it to make the business successful.

Workshop Agenda

This one day workshop will cover the various aspects of B2B Sales Planning, Execution and managing to provide consistency in the sales engine. Examples and concepts from real life examples will be discussed during the entire day.

  • The first track is to discuss the prospect’s landscape and discuss the aspects of Sales Planning. Sales teams spend a lot of time, energy and money in identifying the right companies to focus on, target the right buyers within those organizations and articulating the right value proposition to those buyers to effect sales.
  • The second track will be to understand how buyers in the organizations make buying decisions and the importance to integrate the selling process with the buying process to make sure that the sales cycles are shorter. This will also cover how to hire your first sales person, how to on-board and implement support systems around the sales person and when to scale the sales team.
  • The third track will be the market reach and the market penetration techniques beginning with multiple ways to reach out to prospects with marketing using a variety of techniques and handing the leads over to the sales team which is a combination of inside sales, outside sales, channel and technology partners and expansion into a global market with a team and metricizing and managing the metrics both from new logos and account management perspectives.
  • The fourth track will be the transactions in the sales process like how to handle multiple objections at various stages