Consistent Sales Engine – How to build one? 

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As a CEO or as a Sales/Marketing Leader, have you ever felt that your teams can bring in more results and consistent results and sales from the same efforts that they put in?

Marketing and Sales teams can have better win ratios in all their efforts and can produce a Consistent Sales Engine by constantly re-looking into a few aspects such as :

  • Defining the Buyer Persona of the prospects and identifying their issues
  • Determining the Value Proposition to each of the Buyer Persona
  • Understanding the Buyers Journey and creating relevant content in multiple types
  • Reaching out to the identified Buyers within the shortest possible time by using a variety of Inbound/ Outbound channels
  • Sounding contextual in all of their Multi Touch
  • Analyzing the buyers needs as early as possible and Qualifying them
  • Creating content to suit all stages of the Buying Cycle
  • Using the right methods to close the sale

The Buyers have changed and are researching the Internet not only in the early stages of research but also in the final stages of purchase. Hence the Sales and Digital Marketing teams need to work together right from Demand Generation through to Closure.

ScoVelo’s Consistent Sales Engine Consulting & Training is a time tested methodology that equips the Digital Marketing and the Sales Teams to be contextual to the Buyers needs and constantly make small tweaks to produce better results.

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