Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training 


What got the Sales Reps here (Sales Manager) …?  will not take them higher. Sales management as a function requires different skills than was required to be a successful sales rep. The job is more towards hiring, guiding, motivating, training and making the team perform than having better selling skills. A company should train the sales managers with the necessary skills to perform better in the job. The stakes of a sales manager not doing their job well will impact a large portion of the sales quota and the morale of a team of sales people reporting to them.

About the Training

This hands-on custom training will be delivered using a combination of slides, videos, and interactive open sessions. The training will include modules such as  Leadership, Forecast, Planning, Hiring, Motivation, Task allotment, Review, Feedback, Coaching, Management skills.

Who should attend?

Team members involved in managing the sales and Account Management team on a day to day basis.

Members of the front-line sales management team, potential sales managers and senior members of the organization responsible for managing the sales teams and who are responsible for revenue generation.

This workshop will cover best practices of Sales Management coupled with exercises and mock sessions. This will help the Sales managers to understand their job, hire or train the team efficiently and produce consistent results out of the team.

Agenda of the two day Sales Management Training

Overview of Sales Management

  • The transition from salesperson to a sales manager
  • Understanding the job
  • Playing both the sides
  • Change Management
  • The value sales managers provide

Sales Forecasting and Planning

  • Understanding sales forecasting
  • Understanding Sales Operations plan
  • Align Strategy with the sales team
  • Sales budgets and Sales expenses

Hiring the Sales team

  • The decision on the number of people in the team
  • Drafting the right JD
  • Interview playbook – Process.
  • Types of interviews to evaluate the sales team
  • The science of firing

Sales team onboarding and training

  • Manager Vs Coach
  • Techniques in training
  • Goal setting sessions

Sales pipeline review

  • Metrics and KPIs to track
  • Tools to use
  • Objective based reviews
  • Red-flags
  • Managing the review and the team
  • Sales Analytics overview

Sales Process

  • Concept of continuous improvement
  • How to better your teams’ performance
  • Sales process documentation
  • Establishing consistency in performance

Team management and sales performance management

  • Giving control and freedom
  • Get buy-in from the team
  • Empowering the team
  • Identifying the performers and non-performers and corrective actions to make them perform better.

Leading by example

  • Stepping up as a leader
  • Helping the team to succeed
  • Time to lead
  • Types of leadership styles
  • Constant learning

Takeaways from the 2 day Sales Management Training

The participants will get an idea about the various leadership styles and interview techniques. The managers will understand the techniques to come up with a sales strategy, hire the right team members, motivate and guide the teams, continuously improve the sales process to generate consistent results