Episode 230 — Johannes Lindqvist

June 8, 2020  —  2 hour, 44 min

Creative artist Johannes Lindqvist joins us this week to discuss sharing knowledge, the downfall of comparing yourself to other artists, and finding where your intuition comes from. We dig into how we navigate client work, which will be great info for any artists who are just starting out in the industry. This is a huge episode, so strap in!

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The old episodes are missing, is there an archive somewhere I can listen to old episodes?


Where are the Episodes?


Where are the other episodes?


Hey Ash, thanks for all that you do. Hope we can hear and see more.


Very cool interview , I'm listening to it now and as you are mentioning Biased vs Non-Biased renderer, here is a very informative article about it : https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/the-truth-about-unbiased-rendering

mahdi chime 

Quote: " Life is for experience, not for bookmark" -Ash Thorp


Great episode- really resonating with the idea of time as an asset not just the proverbial 'currency'. I'm reaching burnout and realizing I don't have to make as much money as possible if its not making my life better. Excited to schedule more time off for personal growth and relaxation.


awesome episode!! thanks a lot!


Johannes, thanks for your insights. This discussion resonated me on so many levels. Please come back at your earliest convenience. Ash, thanks so much for everything you do. Your energy is contagious in the best ways possible. P.S. Ed is now on Ash's IGNORE list. Well done Ed.


The way I listen to this episode "power tru all Ash rambling" and get to the seconds I can hear Johannes Lindqvist speak and hear something. I appreciate Ash insight but after 230 episodes we know what you think man, we want to hear someone else, also you let yourself go to much in to deep rambling of generic "prolific" lingo you use.


Really good episode, full of valuable insights. Also I didn't know Johannes' work, which is amazing, so I'm definitely following him from now on.