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Content is the most important activity in your Digital Marketing strategy. The right content targeted at the right buyer persona helps in positioning your services with the right audience. Content has to be created in Video, Image, Text and Audio formats and be shared in multiple forms in a variety of channels to Reach, Engage and Convert the right buyers. 

Competition Bench marking

Competition Bench marking

A fundamental question need to be answered before we begin a Content Strategy. Why are we creating the content? What business problems are we trying to solve by creating the content?

Once the business goals and objectives are documented, a GAP analysis need to be done to understand what type of content need to be created. A Content strategy can be formulated…

Email and Marketing Automation

Content planning is the tactical and the execution aspect of Content Strategy.  The planning revolves around the topics that needs to be covered based on the keyword research.. A detailed content calendar need to be in place to execute the plan. This phase covers the type of content to create, the relevant Call To Action in these content and finally the choice of channels to use.

Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy

Once the content calendar is ready, the creation of content begins.  This phase also involves the creation of the content in multiple formats such as Video, Image,  Text and Audio. The content has to be created for one of the purpose 1) Reach 2) Engage 3) Convert your visitors to customers….

Social Media strategy

Content Amplification is all about taking the content from the web pages to the devices of your buyer persona.  This involves understanding the right type of content to be amplified to the buyers at their multiple stages of their buyers journey. This also involves tracking the buyers browsing behavior and rendering the right content in the right channels to engage better with them. 

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