Inside Sales Training – Needs Analysis

What is Needs Analysis?

What the buyer says that they want either verbally or through a RFP (Request for Proposal) are the tasks they would like to accomplish to fulfill some goals. However, merely responding to the RFP may not get us the deal.

There is a scope for a consultative selling in each RFP that would be sent by the buyers. This is because

  • Buyers may not know what they want and hence may give a RFP that of tasks to do, which they thin, they would want. This may not be the best
  • Buyers may have assumed a sub optimal goal or would have assumed that the best possible benefits may not be possible, keeping in mind, the constraints they have.
  • Even though the buyers may know what they want, what they would suggest as a process or methodology may not be the optimal one
  • Even though the buyers may know what they want, they might not be aware of the other benefits they will get if implemented in another method.

Hence, treat the RFP may as a logical representation of the buyers requirements but we would need to go beyond the stated needs and find out the actual needs which maybe hidden inside the buyers mind.

How do we do it – Ask good questions!!!

This module will focus on the techniques in asking the right questions in the right way to unearth the problem and to bring it to surface so that the sales person will be able to know what they should focus on as an end goal and see if they can suggest a method or a process that can help the buyer jump a couple of notches and can reach better goals.

This will also help the sales person differentiate himself or herself and give options to the buyers while they are in the ideation stage. This will give the buyers a positive impression that the sales person and the selling organization knows the job and will get more confident to take them to the next level of evaluation.

This module will focus on and will be able to ask the right sets of questions to make the buyers talk about what they would really like to achieve and can let the sales person be contextual in their suggestions and will make you be heard over and above the noise of the other large or existing strong vendors competing for the same job.Buyers love knowledgeable vendors who can question their thought process and can give them the right solutions.

Long story short “Be a Consultant and not a Vendor”

It is also a great place to be in when you are with the prospect at a stage when they are not aware of their problem and make them be aware of the problem. You also would have seen the last minute RFPs that are sent your way are not the ones that you win because the first choice of rejection goes to the vendor who has un-earthed the pain for the prospect.

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