Consistent Sales Engine

Idea to Revenue – Idea Stage Sales

Who is it meant for

This training is meant for Founders/Aspiring Founder who are in the Ideation stage.


After having frozen a disruptive idea that will change the market, it is important for every founder at an ideation stage to check the potential of that idea in the market. Every product is meant to solve a problem for a customer. The first step is to reach out to the customers to find the fitment and if there are enough people who will need this product. A successful idea stage sales methodology will turn the founders’ vision into a viable business model and will convert their Idea to Revenue.

Workshop Agenda

This one day workshop will cover the following

  • What is a business model
  • What are the components of business model
  • How do you determine your “Ideal Prospect Profile”
  • What is Value Proposition
  • What is an Elevator Pitch and how do you make it relevant for multiple stakeholders?
  • Simple ways to do list building
  • What can be the simple marketing and sales outreach initiatives to reach the prospects faster
  • How do you communicate your message to them
  • How to you analyse your customer’s needs
  • Different modes of buyers and how buyers buy – process discussions
  • How would you understand the mode in which the customers are in and how to elicit information
  • How to ask open ended questions to get the information you want
  • How to validate your hypothesis
  • How to measure the marketing/sales activities to improve the process
  • How to sell and get some pilot customers with only an idea
  • Basic objection handling sessions