Consistent Sales Engine Training India

Consistent Sales Engine – Training Agenda

Who is it meant for

This training is meant for the sales team across multiple levels.


Every organization conducts sales training to their employees on a regular basis. The training seldom gets internalized with the sales teams because trainings are short term in nature and there is no system in place to ensure that there is continuous assessments and re-training. It is also important that the trainer has similar work experience in the past to be able to train the team to be functionally effective than this being a motivational sales training.

ScoVelo helps companies  build the ideal custom training program after conducting a discovery phase and would train the sales teams  orienting them on the concepts of selling techniques across multiple stages, objection handling techniques, establishing metrics across the sales cycle according to the sales plan and making them understand the consistency of their performance across the sales cycle to ensure predictable results. This 2 day training is a custom solution and would change the way the sales team works and would increase the efficiency of the sales teams. This training would be a few weeks of on-going engagement after the initial discovery phase and the preliminary training.

Benefits of ScoVelo’s B2B Sales  training

  • Sales team will get sharper and would be able to penetrate the prospects much efficiently thereby consistently filling the top of the funnel with ideal prospect leads only.
  • Sales team will quickly qualify prospects and would help save time on not working on the unqualified ones thereby increasing the proposal to closure ratios.
  • Funnel management systems will be in place for the organization at multiple levels to track the movement of opportunities across various sales stages and ensure predictability.
  • Sales team will have real-time leading indicators of their ability to hit quota and will work proactively to increase both their efforts as well as their efficiency.
Module 1

1.Top of the Funnel

This module focuses on the sales people getting trained on the products from a business point of view, focussing on the right set of companies, talking to the right set of buyers, articulating the right value proposition to the buyers, consistently generating qualified leads, imparting telephone and email skills to be able to reach prospects and penetrate them by getting regular meetings using Inside Sales. At the end of this module, the sales people will be able to:

1.1.    Understand the products and how the buyers will be using the products to solve their problems

1.2.    Understand the earlier customer implementations and the benefits those buyers got from the products

1.3.    Be able to extrapolate and understand what sort of companies they have to focus

1.4.    Understand the importance of titles within the client organizations and understand what sort of buyers they have to focus on

1.5.    They will also understand what they have to talk in terms of value proposition so that they are not perceived as a commodity product and they generate interest for the prospects to continue the conversation

1.6.    Understand the importance of prospecting and the importance of consistent work and activities by way of explaining the sales funnel and get them to be able to consistently fill the top of the funnel with semi qualified leads

1.7.    They will have phone and email skills and hence will know how to navigate and get past gate keepers, use multi touch strategy to be in touch with prospects, be able to convince prospects to  give them meetings and also learn to keep many conversations on the phone without having to go and meet them all the time face to face and waste time/effort/mondy

1.8.    They will know to ask the right set of questions and hence pre-qualifying the prospect as early as possible in the sales cycle and avoid wasting time with the unqualified ones

1.9.    Objection handling techniques on Not Interested to meet, Send me emails, Not interested range of objections.

Module 2

2.Middle of the Funnel

This module will focus on putting a structured sales process in place, qualifying the prospects , importance of focusing on the way buyers buy instead of focusing on how you sell, understand the needs of the prospects, articulate earlier customer implementations and convince the prospect  to discuss further

2.1.    Learn how to qualify the prospects

2.2.    They will understand a sample sales process to be able to implement the process the company gives later

2.3.    They will understand  the buying process – How buyers buy

2.4.    They will also get insights into the Intersection of the selling and the buying process to understand which point their prospect is at that point in time

2.5.    They will be able to quickly articulate the right case studies to credentialize themselves for that opportunity

2.6.    They will be able to convert many of the pre qualified prospects into qualified ones and move it towards the proposal stage

2.7.    Understand the concept of multiple stakeholders in an organization and try to map the account for meeting with multiple buyers

2.8.    Objection handling techniques such as credentializing, being considered for RFP, Meeting with senior people within, how to get right answers etc

Module 3

3.Bottom of the Funnel

This module will cover the aspects of understanding the needs of the prospects and pulling in the right sets of resources to do a consultative selling, what to put in the proposals, understanding the competition , understanding key concerns and hot buttons, comparing and winning the deal

3.1.    They will understand the right time they will need technical or management help to be able to provide the right solution for the problem the customer is trying to solve

3.2.    They will also get an idea on how to uncover hot buttons and key concerns of the prospects by asking the right sets of open ended questions and input those into the proposals

3.3.    They will be able to understand to present custom presentations/solutions to the prospects and to multiple stakeholders from their points of view

3.4     Finding out who might be competing or getting an idea to be able to compare and win

3.5     Objection handling techniques on Solutionizing, Price, Competition, Postponing Decisions to buy etc.