Inside Sales Training India

Who is it for?

This 3 Full Day Inside Sales Training for Indian companies is meant for the sales teams and the sales managers in India location who are selling on the phone or are fixing meetings and handing it over to the Outside Sales teams


Every company aspires to set up an Inside Sales team in India to be able to sell their services and products on the phone but there are practical issues in producing consistent results.  Small changes can be done at every stage of the Sales Cycle and the team can be trained to show dramatic results. This hand-on custom training can increase the penetration/closure ratio & cut down the cost of sales. The engine provides consistency at multiple stages of the sales cycle. The senior sales people need to be involved only at the last stage to close the deal or to manage the account after the account reaches a particular size.

Inside Sales Training Agenda

Sales Planning

Segment and Target
  • Identify what sort of companies you will have to go after
  • What sort of people you will have to focus on within these companies
  • How to figure out what to talk to them and get them to be interested

Top of the Funnel

Anatomy of a Sales Funnel
  • What are the stages of a Sales Funnel
  • What should a sales person do at multiple points of the sales funnel and increase the sales velocity across the funnel
  • How to get Marketing and the entire organization involved at the multiple stages of the sales cycle

List Building

  • Simple ways to do List Building and generate a good database
  • How to effectively use Linkedin to build the lists
  • The popular sources to get and to build a good sets of leads

Lead Generation

  • How to use Linkedin for effective Lead Generation
  • How to connect with your prospects using Multiple touch points
  • Effective Social Media and Email strategies to generate interest with your prospects
  • How to use your phone skills effectively to get hold of prospects.

Value Proposition

  • What is Value Proposition
  • How to understand the value you offer to customers
  • How do you calculate the ROI your product/service offers to the customers

Multiple Reach-out Mechanisms and TouchPoints

Best practices on how to engage with prospects using multiple touch points that attract the attention of the prospect

  • Social Media Channels
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing


  • How to build a great Linkedin Profile and get noticed
  • How to reach out to and connect with prospects
  • How to build a Thought Leadership brand around you
  • How to leverage Linkedin Groups and use them to your advantage

Cold call Conversations

  • How to hold a Prospects Attention in the First Few Seconds of the Initial Conversation
  • How to convert the cold conversation into a scheduled short meeting
  • Do’s and Dont’s of a First Conversation
  • How to have call objective and achieve those objectives
  • How to have efficient call openings
  • Simple tips to convert the First Conversation into a  Scheduled Meeting

Voice Mails

  • Should you leave Voice Mails
  • What is the best format and the frequency for leaving the best Voice Mails
  • How to increase call backs

Case Studies Training

  • Understanding Company’ Capabilities
  • Articulating the capabilities from a prospects perspective

Objection Handling

This will focus on the objections that the prospects will have at this stage and how the Inside Sales team can block & tackle these objections and move to the next stage

  • Prospects not expecting your call and asking you to call back
  • Prospects being tired of calls from multiple companies and not wanting to talk to a new one
  • Prospects perceiving your services as commodity and not wanting to proceed
  • Prospects who hate sales people and not wanting to talk

Middle of the Funnel

Second (Scheduled) Conversation/ Short Presentation
  • How to prepare for the remote presentation
  • How to structure the scheduled conversations using a combination of Q&A
  • How to get your prospect to recognize the need of your product/service
  • What sort of questions to ask
  • How to identify the customer pain

Qualifying Prospects

  • Why Qualify
  • What are the parameters of qualifying a prospect
  • How do you implement a simple Lead Scoring Methodology
  • How do you determine the next steps based on the scoring

How Buyers Buy

  • B2B Buying Behavior
  • Types of Buyers within a buying organization and how do you map many of those

Following up non-intrusively

  • Being in touch with the right prospects constantly
  • What are the different ways and how can you effectively do it

Objection Handling

This will focus on the objections that the prospects will have at this stage and how the Inside Sales team can block & tackle these objections and move to the next stage

  • Needs Vs Offering match
  • Perception of you being another commodity vendor and not showing interest to proceed further
  • Not having budgets to continue conversations with you
  • Your services not being a priority in their to do list

Bottom of the Funnel

The scope of the Inside Sales Training for teams based out of India also includes the final stage of the sales cycle – Closing. Many deals can be closed on the phone without meeting a buyer face to face. The agenda of this stage would be as below.

Needs Analysis
  • How to do a deep dive analysis with prospects to make them talk about their needs
  • How to elicit information and try to map it with your specific skillsets
  • How to understand the buyers hot buttons and the key concerns
  • How to identify the red flags within the account
  • How do you identify the competition


  • Basics of a good proposal
  • How do articulate the pain points of the prospects within your proposal
  • How do you show the value proposition  – Qualitative or Quantitative

Objection Handling
This will focus on the objections that the prospects will have at this stage and how the Inside Sales team can block & tackle these objections and move to the next stage

  • Competition comparison
  • Not convinced on your solution and the ROI
  • Senior people intervention that will work against you
  • Your company size, proximity and earlier relationships compared to your competitors

Closure or Deal Making

  • An overview of a few Closing techniques that the sales team may use in their day to day closing situations