B2B Sales Process Consulting Methodology

B2B Sales Process Consulting 

ScoVelo provides Sales Consulting services for Indian companies.  Sales Team will not be very effective without a Sales Process. Even though each company will have their own unique Sales Process depending on the complexity of the product or service, there is always a scope for continuous improvement to get better metrics across multiple stages of the sales cycle. With minor tweaks in the existing process, more results can come in with the same efforts that are being put in by the sales team.



  • DIAS is a proven methodology that has been honed from experience of managing several hundreds of sales professionals over a decade and implementing it in Sales Consulting engagements in India.
  • Incorporates science into the sales cycle with client-specific metrics to improve performance.
  • Frees up the CEOs/ Sales Leaders time from day to day blocking and tackling of sales issues to focus on the organization growth or strategy.
  • DIAS comes in with real-time working experience in scaling the sales process with SMEs in the IT Industry for over a decade.
  • Deliverables will a completely transparent sales engine that companies can scale with.
  • Well defined Sales Metrics with Reporting Mechanisms and Funnel Management for scaling the engine to enable even a Non Sales Founder to manage the sales team.