Sales Playbook Design – Inside Sales Training

Sales Playbook Design – Inside Sales Training

Sales Playbook Design – Inside Sales Training

A sales playbook is a set of well defined and documented stages and activities across the sales cycle. A playbook helps you capture islands of successes within the organization and provides insights into what activities and what metrics are important to perform in order to get better results out of the same efforts put in by the sales team.

Every sales process should be tracked, modified and be bettered to bring in higher levels of efficiency in the team.

How do you build one?

Recollect the wins you and your team has had in the past, isolate situations where you have won deals in-spite of heavy competitions and the situations where you have lost the deals in spite of being very sure that you would win the deal. You would have had star salespeople who would have performed exceptionally in-spite of going against your methods.  Note those traits and make a trend. Make a first cut version of the sales playbook based on the past successes and the past failures.

Now, look at the existing sales team. Every salesperson comes in with different skills and you will find each one of them specializing in one stage better than the other. Map those successful traits and add those to the sales process.

What can the sales playbook have:

  • Sales Process
  • Different Buyer Personas and how what problems can have we solved for each one of them
  • Elevator pitch, Email templates
  • Check-lists and Metrics across the sales cycle as Targets
  • Points to cover in the presentation and in the demo
  • Questions to ask at each stage of the sales cycle
  • Objection Handling and Negotiation techniques specific to the company

A refined sales playbook, when implemented well, can lead to:

  • Predictable sales because of the best practices
  • Increased sales for the same effort put in by the sales team
  • Salespeople having the knowledge of what to do in each situation to help them be successful
  • Reduce the time taken to close (sales cycle length)
  • Ability scale your team immediately and get them to be productive

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Sales Playbook Design – Inside Sales Training
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