Sales Engine Implementation

Sales Process Re-defined.

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Sales Management Training

Good sales people get promoted to be good sales managers. Now, each of the promoted sales person need think strategy, manage the teams and also replicate their success with the teams they manage.

The agenda of the two day Sales Management Training

Drafting a sales plan

  • How to come out with a plan to achieve the annual goals
  • How to break the long term goals into quartery, monthly or weekly.

Deciding the size of the sales force

  • How to determine the size of the sales force
  • How to determine the channel mix
  • How to determine the structure of the sales teams

Finding the right people & Training them

  • Identify the best performers and hiring the new team
  • Techniques to identify the productive sales professionals
  • Techniques to hire the right people
  • Identifying the skill gaps
  • Re-Training and constant evaluation mechanisms

Holding meetings and Evaluating sales team performance

  • Metrics to benchmark and set as targets
  • KPIs to evaluate a sales team
  • How to measure the health of the sales efforts
  • How to measure the success and increase productivity
  • How to assign targets to the sales force and monitoring those
  • Sales Management Dos and Donts

Developing leadership skills

  • What is a leader and How to develop the skills
  • How to build team building skills
  • Understanding the teams internal motivations
  • How to communicate the vision and lead them

This training will help the sales managers adapt themselves to your sales environment. They will also build capabilities in managing the teams and to increase their productivity.