Presentation to Multiple Buyers – Inside Sales Training

Presentation to Multiple Buyers – Inside Sales Training

Inside Sales Training – Presentation to multiple buyers

The first stage in the Bottom of the Funnel is Presentation…

This is the stage in the sales cycle when you might have to present the solution you have proposed or you might have to present a proposal that you are about to submit.

Till now, you have been speaking generically about what sort of solutions you have offered to companies who are in the same industry as your prospective buyers are. You made them connect with you and have made them believe that you are capable and have convinced them that they can include you in the list of bidders.

There is a chance that you have been talking to only one or few of the decision makers. This is the stage where new stakeholders may surface to see how your solution will make an impact from a perspective of looking at the same solution from their point of view.

So, the ideal situation to be in is to have met all the decision makers and to have figured out what would make them buy. Unfortunately, it might not be possible in all the cases as you might have to deal only with one person or only with one team – the first touch point. In this case, you would have understood only one view or would have ideated only from one perspective of the goal.

Now, the presentation will be on your Company’s capabilities (Or) Product demo to a variety of stakeholders who your main contact has bought at this stage. Each of the stakeholders is direct/indirect decision makers who are looking at the same problem from their points of view. They are keen to know how your capabilities or your solution can help them in achieving their goals

A presentation is not about seizing the opportunity in getting in front of multiple decision makers and talking non-stop about all the capabilities or all the features. It is about understanding the multiple buyer’s goals and talking about how your solution will be able to help as many goals of the buyer as possible. Alternately, it is about understanding the goals and telling them what sort of support you would need in terms of time, investment, effort to help your solution help them achieve their goals. It is to connect with multiple stakeholders so that no one feels that their part of the goals will not be achieved if the company chooses you which could be a potential block for you.

You have to understand the types of the people that are present and also to choose a set of questions and carefully ask the multiple stakeholders to get their success criteria to help you connect with them. You might also have to be careful in the words you use as new buyers may perceive that their importance within the company will be lost if they buy the solution and hence may shoot down the solution. Attention to details like this from your side will give confidence to the decision making unit that you will be able to solve their problems and can make them look successful.

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Presentation to Multiple Buyers – Inside Sales Training
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