Consultative Selling stages

Consultative Selling Stages

Buyers have a point of view and Sellers have a point of view. Buyers have a pressure to buy a solution to solve a business pain point. Sales people have a pressure to Sell their solutions because of their targets.

Many a times we feel that the buyers don’t look at some excellent functionalities our product has or some capabilities in people we have built in certain domains. We lose our deals because of this.

Have you felt that you could not get the buyer to think about your product or your capabilities the way you wanted them to think. Have you thought they listened to you but stuck on to their point of view and decided the way they did which would be a bad decision to them later as much as it was to you because you lost the deal

What would have happened when the two of you ideated on the pain points of the buyer and came up with multiple solutions and the buyer chose one of those. You were happy that the buyer is completely convinced about the solution and sometimes have told you “Wow, I never thought it can be done this way”.

This can be accomplished only when you get into a consultative mode. Both of you opening up and discussing the various options.


The first step is Prospect beginning to believe that you have the knowledge about what their problems are and have the capacity to solve those at the scale they are expecting to solve. This motivates them to open up and begin talking.


The second step is Confessing. AT the earlier stage of the discussions, it becomes a bit too early for them to trust you to begin talking about their problems. The buyer gets the confidence that the salesperson knows their pain points and begin confessing. The buyer talks about what issues they face and asks if the salesperson will be able to solve those for them.


The third step is ideating. The buyer should open themselves to listen to you and also discuss more than what they think they know about their pain points.  The salesperson can also talk about the issues that the other companies in the same industry face. This will allow you to let the buyer uncover more pain points or convince them that they can do better than what they are doing today.

Scoping / Re-Scoping

This will lead to the four-step – Rescoping their needs. The buyer opens up and begins talking about more options they would like to add in their needs list. This will help you to convince the buyer that you can solve their problems in many better ways than they had expected prior to meeting up with you.


The buyer gets complete confidence on your capability to solve their problems. This will help you to get in the heart of the buyer more than on their mind. The need for a solution provider now gets converted into a want – Your organization. 

Consultative Selling Stages
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