B2B Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing is evolving in the B2B Space and many companies are utilising this opportunity to reach out to a new set of global buyers in a cost effective and a rapid manner. Digital Marketing can be a great source of lead generation that can help the sales team to increase the revenue. Having metrics across the Marketing funnel to reach out to the Ideal Prospect Profile, Applying the latest techniques and the best practices can help companies penetrate a global market with a limited budget.

B2B Digital Marketing Training Agenda

There is always a lot of myth surrounding Digital Marketing from a B2B perspective. With limited budgets in hand, certain channels end up being the favorites and the majority of the other channels are untouched. However, it is not possible to reach all buyers through one channel and hence multiple channels need to be used. This training will cover practical aspects of Digital Marketing from a B2B perspective that Marketers should leverage to generate Leads that can be converted into Revenue. This includes

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Segmenting, Targeting and Value Proposition
    • Understanding the Buyers Journey
    • Digital Marketing Plan
  • SEO and PPC
    • Keyword Research – Tools and Methodology
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Search Engine Algorithms
    • Buyers Search Psychology
    • White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques
    • On-Page and Off-Site Techniques to rank higher
    • Link Building Strategies
    • SEO Measurement
    • Types of Ads and what can be used by you
    • Re-Marketing
  • Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy and Plan
    • Types of Content and how to create those
    • How to convey a sharp messsage through various sources of content
  • Email Marketing
    • Dos and Donts of writing the right type of email
    • List Building Techniques
    • Techniques to avoid emails getting into SPAM
    • Email Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Practical tips on how to increase followers on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter
    • Social Media Analytics and Tools
  • Blogs
    • How to effectively create a brand using blogging
    • How to leverage several blogging sites
  • Influencer Marketing
    • How to identify Influencers
    • How to communicate and convince them
    • How you can leverage Influencers
  • Tools & Analytics to measure performance
    • What important metrics to analyze
    • Google Analytics overview and Analysis of Goals, Visitors etc
    • Defining and measuring multiple KPIs
    • Discussions of tools that will help analyze

This training will be conducted in the customers premises to the Digital Marketing team which will help them get an in-depth understanding of practical hacks that will help them create a better brand in the digital space and can generate qualified leads to the sales team and help participate better in Revenue Generation.